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My granddaughter and namesake once told me she was glad that I’m not the kind of grandma that just sits around in a rocking chair. Well to confess, that is something I actually do from time to time. It’s a good place to read, watch for wildlife, think, and dream. I have just a few more words to summarize my thoughts on religion.

Since my early experiences as a church -goer, my relationship with organized religion has consisted mainly of attendance at marriages, funerals, and the occasional Christmas play.  I do not condemn churches regardless of their affiliation. For some they provide solace and an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people. I do condemn hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and unbending dogma. I prefer to deal with matters of spirituality in my own way.


First off, I need to be alone. That is the only way to connect with what I call the “God” Spark”, that tiny particle of stardust that is inherent in every living thing. I would describe it as a “sense of awe or wonder”, and it can be found anytime, anywhere if you are open,but for me the best place to experience this feeling of spirituality is at my isolated place in the woods. Mornings, I can hear the “God Spark” in the birdsong and the soothing cadence of the creek as it tumbles over rocks. I love watching the dawning sun as it kisses the mesa tops, the dance of the turkey and deer, the zooming hummingbirds in their natural environment, the slinking cautious coyote. I am humbled by the terrifying beauty of thunder storms, the necessary kill of predators, and the persistence of all creatures to continue to survive even in the most adverse conditions.  I am reminded that we are all connected, all living things, plant, animal, microbes—all equals sharing a common speck of stardust, and whatever harm we do to one we do to all.



I only have two rules in my dogma: “Find your own way to ignite that spark, and do no harm”.

I’m willing to share.  Join me on the porch for a cup of hot cocoa and some quiet contemplation.


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Sandra Bolton

Sandra Bolton is the author of two novels: A Cipher in the Sand and Key Witness, A Southwest Mystery. She lives in Raton, New Mexico with her big black dog, Sam and fat cat, Fidel. Writing is her passion, along with hiking, gardening, cooking, eating and laughing whenever possible. Her goal in life is to do no harm to any living thing or to our beautiful earth.

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