Yes, I Can!

New Beginnings


The holidays are over, and another new year is upon us, along with a plethora of well-meaning, but impractical and impossible to keep, resolutions. We all know that daily life has its own plan, and often gets in the way of our best intentions.

Rather than make resolutions I will inevitably break, my desire is to simply try:  try to begin each day with a positive outlook; try to be kinder; try to fit at least one walk in;  try to write each day. And, keep in mind, it’s all right to mess up once in a while, pig out on that bag of chips, feel angry, skip a writing day if the muse doesn’t call you. I  skipped many days on my blog, and felt plagued by guilt, at first.  But at the same time, I have been writing furiously on my new novel, a sequel to Key Witness, and have completed 18,000 words of the first draft. So, I am forgiving myself, as we all should when we falter. Pick up where you left off, and keep making forward progress. That’s my resolution.  Yes, I can!

yes I can

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Sandra Bolton

Sandra Bolton is the author of two novels: A Cipher in the Sand and Key Witness, A Southwest Mystery. She lives in Raton, New Mexico with her big black dog, Sam and fat cat, Fidel. Writing is her passion, along with hiking, gardening, cooking, eating and laughing whenever possible. Her goal in life is to do no harm to any living thing or to our beautiful earth.