You Can’t Go Home Again

Says Thomas Wolfe in his novel by the same title. And I know this to be true, I’ve tried. I have longed for that place called home, but know in my heart that change is inevitable. On my infrequent returns to California where I was born, I discovered that all that remained familiar was a  nostalgic wish for something long gone. I attended my fiftieth and fifty-fifth class reunions and felt no sense of homecoming. My high school hangouts, the theater where I held my first job, the municipal swimming pool, even that house I once lived in had been either torn down, boarded up, or replaced by something new and shiny, or shoddy and sad. Perhaps this feeling of homelessness has something to do with the constant moving that has been a part of my life, the trying to fit in but never quite being accepted in each new town. I suppose people who have remained in one place or have ties to the land where they were born and raised have a different feeling about home. But for me, it seemed best to move on.

“Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up,” quotes Thomas Wolfe.

Don’t take me wrong. I have lived in some wonderful places and loved each for their their unique beauty and charm: Places like Whidbey Island, Washington; Pensacola, Florida; Coronado, California; Rota, Spain; Sigonella, Sicily; Trujillo, Honduras; the Four Corners area of New Mexico; Las Vegas, New Mexico; and now, the beautiful mountains of Raton, New Mexico. I have learned so much from the different cultures, enjoyed their foods, customs, people. All that I have seen and experienced has broadened my writing.  I feel that my life is so much richer and blessed by not having that one place called home. Here are some of the places I have called home.

Whidbey Island, Washington

Pensacola, Florida

Rota, Spain

Sigonella, Sicily

Trujillo, Honduras

Four Corners of New Mexico

Navajo Lady herding sheep Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park ARIZONA

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico

I am content to make the most out of each and every endeavor and have no real desire to return to the scenes of my past. It is best to cherish the memories of all the good times and good people I’ve met along the way.







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