Tecolote Woman – part 4


Lechuza 4

The man appeared bewildered. “But…I can’t…my uncle’s sheep…” Just the same he grasped her hand. As they began walking away, the man stopped, and looked toward the sky, his eyes darting in all directions. “What is that noise? It sounds like the flapping of many wings.”

Adelita laughed softly and led him along the rivers edge toward her hut. “Nothing to worry about.” She heard the dog whimper as they walked away, then howl. Adelita cast it a look and the dog hung its head and returned to the sheep.

Solomon stumbled along beside Adelita, as if in a dream, and did not resist when she took him into her house. He began to talk, rambling conversations with people who were not there, about how he could fly. Adelita smiled and led him into her hut.

“Sit at the table with me. We will share a meal. And a little more tea to ease the pain in your head,” she said, discreetly adding a generous portion of the datura tincture to his cup.

Solomon sat across the table and gazed at her with a look of wonderment. He reached up to touch her hair. “And then will we fly away together?” he asked. “I hear the flapping of wings and I want to try my own.”

“Yes, of course. But first, enjoy your meal and finish your tea.”

He ate hungrily and emptied his cup. After he had finished she drew him to her bed and removed his clothes, telling him it was necessary in order to fly, and he offered no resistance. She marveled at his body, felt a heat rising within her, and unpinned her long hair before stripping naked.

sleeping potion


Afterwards, she lay beside him, unwilling to move. But when the sun dropped behind the ridge and the shadows began to darken the walls she dressed herself and told him to do the same.  He had complied with her every wish, though moving as if in a trance, and in the midst of passion had declared his undying love.

When they were once again fully clothed, Adelita took his hand again and led him back to where the dog and the restless sheep waited. Solomon stumbled beside her. She found a place where the soft grasses provided an inviting bed. He appeared to be sleeping, a look of contentment on his face, but Adelita knew it was a sleep from which he would never awaken

When she returned home, the moon had risen, illuminating an owl perched on a branch of the cottonwood outside her house. “Mother tecolote, you can not take this man. I have claimed him, and he is forever mine.”

The owl hooted, and flew toward the village, with an enormous flapping of wings.


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