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A Little About Me




I, Sandra (Thomas) Bolton (1941 -) grew up in northern California’s Sacramento valley. I was born in Marysville, California and graduated from Marysville High School in 1959. Immediately after graduation I married my high school sweetheart,Tom Bolton, and left California on a Greyhound Bus bound for Memphis, Tennessee to join my husband. That was my first introduction to racial inequality and it made an enduring impression on my life. I spent the next 25 years traveling from one coast or country to another while my husband completed a Navy career. During that time, I raised three children and completed a college education, receiving BA’s in Elementary Education, Special Education and Science Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling. I have maintained an abiding interest in social causes and environmental issues for as long as I can remember, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras from 1985-87. I currently reside in Raton, New Mexico where I divide my time between reading, writing, hiking, gardening, photography, and gourmet cooking.  I am the author of two novels: A Cipher in the Sand and Key Witness, and am currently working on a sequel to Key Witness.


My Books 


Key Witness was self-published in 2014 under the name of Desert Dog Press. It enjoyed moderate sales and excellent reviews as an independently published novel, but, to my good fortune, has recently been picked up by Thomas and Mercer, a subsidiary of Amazon Publishing. After some pretty extensive edits and makeovers, I am thrilled to announce the upcoming, March 31, 2015, re-release of Key Witness, complete with a wonderful new cover.

“Heading west for the serene deserts of New Mexico with his three-legged dog, Patch, Abe Freeman hopes to escape the memories of his girlfriend’s lost battle with cancer. He expects his cross-country journey to be healing, not life-threatening. And he definitely doesn’t plan to wind up as the main suspect when a drifter he meets along the way, Easy Jackson, gets murdered.

When Abe’s lost knife turns up at the crime scene and Easy’s key appears in Abe’s backpack, Abe finds himself hunted by the police, biker gangs, and drug dealers, all of whom are determined to get their hands on that key. Caught up in the violence, Abe becomes desperate to prove his innocence. With help from Navajo police officer Emily Etcitty, he just might survive . . . and his heart just might find another reason to keep on beating.”


 A Cipher in the Sand

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I published the story of Sarah Nelson, Peace Corps Volunteer, in 2012. The setting is the tropical north coast of Honduras in the 1980’s  during a period of political unrest and conflict.

Sarah’s closest ally in times of trouble is the ancient female Garifuna tribal leader and spiritualist, Xiomara, who leads her into the mysterious world of the supernatural. Sarah’s life is forever altered as the naive and idealistic woman encounters more danger and intrigue than she every bargained for.

“A compelling read for anyone with an adventurous spirit. The story is rich in color and atmosphere. Bolton draws you into her story and makes you care about what happens to its characters.”

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