My Novels

Raven’s Cry

Book 3 in the Emily Etcitty Mystery Series

Spine-tingling and compelling.
Raven’s Cry is a thriller that keeps the reader guessing until the final pages.

A peaceful horseback ride on the Navajo Reservation with his young daughter, Raven, turns ominous when Abe Freeman encounters a stock pond surrounded by dead sheep and a wounded man. Abe’s partner, Navajo Police Officer Emily Etcitty, is called to investigate the case which becomes more convoluted than a prairie rattler. Emily doesn’t know who to trust as she encounters crooked politicians, a push for uranium mining, and a rebellious leader of the American Indian Movement. But when Raven becomes the victim of a kidnapping plot, both Abe and Emily are determined to find and punish the perpetrator, even if it means breaking the law, going rogue, and keeping secrets from each other.

Abducted Innocence

Book 2 in the Emily Etcitty Mystery Series

In this gripping police procedural, Officer Emily Etcitty sets a trap for a kidnapper preying on Navajo teens.

When a Native American girl turns up missing during a traditional ceremony, Navajo police officer Emily Etcitty is on the case. What initially looks like nothing more than a routine runaway turns into a high-priority kidnapping case when a connection is made to several other missing girls under similarly suspicious circumstances.

After abandoning everything on the East Coast but his loyal dog, Patch, musician Abe Freeman is still acclimating to the Southwest and his new love interest, the beautiful and beguiling Emily. It hasn’t been easy with clashing cultures and haunted pasts, but they’re committed to making it work.

Fearing for the missing girls’ safety, Emily decides to use herself as bait to set a trap for the kidnapper…and is abducted alongside another girl. Now Abe must team up with Emily’s brother and her police partner to find and save the missing girls, but the deeper they dig into the investigation, the more dangerous things become. And with the weight of a greater, far more sinister plot at play, can Emily escape the kidnapper and take him down before more girls fall victim?

Key Witness

If you loved Tony Hillerman, you’re going to enjoy Key Witness – a mystery worth savoring.

Heading west for the serene deserts of New Mexico with his three-legged dog, Patch, Abe Freeman hopes to escape the memories of his girlfriend’s lost battle with cancer. He expects his cross-country journey to be healing, not life-threatening. And he definitely doesn’t plan to wind up as the main suspect when a drifter he meets along the way, Easy Jackson, gets murdered.

When Abe’s lost knife turns up at the crime scene and Easy’s key appears in Abe’s backpack, Abe finds himself hunted by the police, biker gangs, and drug dealers, all of whom are determined to get their hands on that key. Caught up in the violence, Abe becomes desperate to prove his innocence. With help from Navajo police officer Emily Etcitty, he just might survive…and his heart just might find another reason to keep on beating.

A Cipher in the Sand

For anyone up for adventure, and not just another day in paradise.

Even before the plane touches down in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Sarah Nelson questions her motives for being there. Murder and romance were not on her list. The year is 1985 and Ronald Reagan is president. Following a recent divorce, Sarah joins the Peace Corps. She is assigned to the northern coast of Honduras, a poverty-stricken tropical paradise. The Garifunas, a unique Afro-Amerindian culture, are her nearest neighbors. Her closest ally in times of trouble is the ancient female tribal leader and spiritualist, Xiomara, who draws her into the mysterious world of the supernatural. Sarah’s life is forever altered as the naive and idealistic woman encounters more danger and intrigue than she ever bargained for.